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Coastal environments are special and require products and services that are unique to the area. Building sites are often isolated, weather conditions can be harsh, and the products you need to keep the job moving forward may be limited or take time to get.

I am Todd Leonard, owner of Oak Island Hardware. My family has been in the construction business in Brunswick County for over 40 years. We truly understand the unique nature of coastal environments. That's why we made it a point to specialize in the tools and products you need to keep the job moving forward. We also understand "time is money" so we deliver to your job sites every day.

Our commercial accounts are a priority. We specialize in personal service and stock the nails and fasteners you need to finish the job. We carry gun nails, galvanized bolts, Simpson Strong-tie, piling straps, and stainless steel fasters in bulk. We also have an expanded line of flashing, caulk, window tape, screen, and plastic. If you have certain needs, let us know. We will do our best to keep you supplied. We succeed by understanding our neighbors, friends, and customers. We go the extra mile.

Oak Island Hardware is your community hardware store. We service Oak Island, Southport, and the St. James Plantation area. Give us a call and let's talk, or stop by and see how we can help. You will be glad you did.

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